I’ve legitimately turned into that one family member/friend that you see every few months that brings you gifts and then leaves again for another few months.

Anonymous: I'm actually not sure if I have anxiety Or what kind if I do. But sometimes at the most random times I start to get shaky, can't breathe and my heart starts pounding really fast and my brain goes on overdrive and sorta have a meltdown. When I get worried it happens too or when someone scares me. Also when I'm talking to people I get super nervous and can't speak properly and I just don't like talking to people in fear of just cause. Also have random feelings of dizziness. Is this anxiety?

Long story short, yes that is anxiety. Understandably I can’t tell you whether or not what you’re experiencing stems from an actual disorder, but what you described is some form of nervousness/anxiety. 

Regardless of whether or not you have an anxiety disorder, it still sounds like something that’s impacting you/your life pretty significantly and I would suggest finding coping methods that work for you and ease these feelings/reactions.

Good luck.

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